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On this site, there are published a few samples for Lazarus.

Lazarus is a free open source RAD-IDE on the base of Free Pascal, a free open source pascal compiler. Another advantage of Free Pascal / Lazarus is the platform-indepence of the compiled programs and of the IDE.

This program is a plotter for any function.

Download: Source Code

This program simulates the gravitation force.

Download: Source Code

Robot 2
It's a little bit bigger than the other 2 samples, but the used programmingtechnics are not more difficult.
While the game is in german (this means all texts in the game), the source code is documented very well (and in detail) in english, so you can read it. And the game itself is not hard to understand without the help texts.
Link: robot2

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Das oben beschriebene Programm liegt unter dem Copyright von Albert Zeyer. Falls der Source-Code zum Download bereit steht, liegt dieser unter der LGPL-Lizenz. Er darf nicht ohne entsprechenden Verweis auf diese Quelle hier weitergegeben werden.

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