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This is an extreme simple program, which can nothing else than to compare two files if they have a binary equality.

Source Code (Visual Basic)

I recognized that this page is often visited caused by Google-search-results. So well ..., I can recommend you some other useful and usable tools by me which have a lot more functionality :)
ScanDisk is a simple file-checker, it simply checks the readability of the files of any directory. This gives you the ability to check perhaps a CD-ROM for errors.
FileCopy is a simple file-copy-tool, it copies files for you. The interesting part is, it is faster than Windows-Explorer.
Perhaps you are interested in some small, nice game? Take a look at Robot2.
Perhaps there are more interesting tools at this site. Here is a list.

This program was programmed with Visual Basic.

You possibly need additional files to run the binaries of the published program (particularly with older version of Windows). In all cases, this files need to be copied into your Windows-System-directory.
To see, what files are missing on your system, simply test the program. An error message will tell you, what files are missing.

If any needed file is not listed here, please tell me, I will add it then.
In most cases, you will have success with a Google-search. Perhaps, you will find the needed file also on (if the link is dead, please tell me).


If you want to support my work, please donate via Gittip/Flattr here:

The program published here is under the copyright of Albert Zeyer. In that case there is the source code to download, it is under the LGPL-licence. Distributions of it are only allowed with a reference to this page.

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