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AZSkript is a simple script language, you can use in your programs to control dynamic routins, which you don't want to hardcore. For example the action of what happens, when your player in a game falls down or what your own web server should do, when a user requests a special URL or something different. You can use it everywhere, it is very simple to include it in your programs and to add your own commands for your needs.

Progams using it
I used in in a few programs, 2 of them are the race game SABO Racer and AZGames (there the gameserver, who handles the game itself).

How to use it
You only have to copy all source files into your program and inside your code, you have to create a new instance of the AZSkript_MainInterface class and handle the events of it. There is the Load_ByFile method, you can use, to load a script file from disc. To start it, you have to call the Execute_Main method or the Execute_Main method In the ExecuteCommand event, you handle your own specific commands. This is all, what you have to do; I think, it is very simple.
A more detailed description is in the ZIP-archive.

Source Code (VB) including the full reference and a sample project

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The program published here is under the copyright of Albert Zeyer. In that case there is the source code to download, it is under the LGPL-licence. Distributions of it are only allowed with a reference to this page.

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