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You have the possibility to download a few additional features I missed in Gentoo.
If you start a big emerge, for example a huge list of programs or a system update, you will start it and go away. If anything go wrong, it will stop your hole emerge, also the programs, that are not affacted by the error. This is very disturbing and so I write this script against it. Execution: ./ [options] [pakets]
options are any options for the emerge, for example --update --deep).
pakets is a list of packages you would like to see emerged. You can also use world or system as a package and also sync or --sync is allowed.
The script will start a single emerge for every package. It will also cut the world, if you used it, and start a single emerge for every package in it (the same for system).
Example: ./ --update --deep --newuse system --sync system world
It will does the following: With --update --deep --newuse, only new packages or packages with changed USE-flags will be emerged. The script will start with all packages in system, then it syncs the portage tree and then again, it searches for updates in system and after that, it will update all the rest in world.
This execution is more slowly than the direct usage, but you know, that most of packages are emerged in every case.
If you would like to emerge a program in the testing-version, there are propably a lot of packages, you have to put in your /etc/portage/package.keywords. This script searches all this packages and does it automatically for you.
Execution: ./ [emerge args]
All passed arguments are used for the emerge with the additional argument --pretend --verbose. If the script gets a message like "The needed package xxx/yyy is masked by the ~x86 keyword.", then it will add this package to your package.keywords and try it again and again till no more messages of this type apears.
Example: ./ ">=gnome-2.14.0"
You have to put quotations here, because else, your shell will missinterpret the >.

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The program published here is under the copyright of Albert Zeyer. In that case there is the source code to download, it is under the LGPL-licence. Distributions of it are only allowed with a reference to this page.

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